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  • Mains compensation course and the fine steps upto 100 volts compensation.
  • Digital display of KV , mAs.
  • Six mA station.
  • 23 steps electronic timer from 0.02 to 5 seconds.
  • Spot filming on any desire mA stations both on small and large focus.
  • Dynamic overload control system enabling optimum use of the x ray tube capacity.
  • Anode breaking device to reduce anode wear and tear.
  • Fluoroscopic timer totaliser.
  • Specially designed low loss HT transformer.
  • Silicon rectifiers anabling high contrast image quality.
  • Two step exposure lelease for reducing motion artifacts.
  • Double slot motorized collimator with bright halogen lamp.

Large focus 300 mA from 40 to 90 kv upto 0.4 sec (120 mAS)
200 mA from 40 to 100 kv upto 1.3 sec (120 mAS)
100 mA from 40 to 125 kV upto 3.0 sec (120 mSA
Small focus 150 mA from 40 to 90 kv upto 2.0 sec (300 mAS)
100 mA from 40 to 100 kv upto 5.0 sec (500 mAS)
50 mA from 40 to 125 kV upto 5.0 sec (250 mSA

  • Motorup is a standard r/f room equipment to carry out all kind of x-ray diagnostic investigation of barium stadies, mylography, HSG,IPV and many other procedures besides routine radiography and fluoroscopy.
  • Motorized tilt from +90 to 12 trendlenburg position with atomatic horizontal top.
  • Single tube or double tube configuration available.
  • Counter balanced full travel motorized bucky with high ratio grid & stanless steel cassette tray to take cassettes upto 14”x17” size.
  • Capable of taking vertical & angurcoach fluoroscopy.
  • Radiation protection flap for undercoach fluoroscopy.
  • Easy undercoach tube coupling in case of single tube unit.
  • Manual cranking in case of powder failure.